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  Global Connections
the newsletter of the Ottawa-Carleton Education Network
Spring 2014


Governor General David Johnston recognizes OCENET and OCDSB leadership in international education
His Excellency David Johnston is well known as a strong and tireless advocate for educational innovation, and he was extremely interested in and supportive of the new OCDSB International Certificate Program...
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OCENET international students share special opportunities
The Ottawa International Student Program prides itself on providing opportunities for its students in Ottawa to get to know each other outside of the school setting... 
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Student agencies visit OCDSB schools
Many parents from overseas recognize the benefits of their children studying in Canada, and use the services of recruiting agents to find excellent schools for international students.
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OCENET hosts its 1st Annual International Education Info-Fair
On Saturday, April 12, more than 250 people - students, parents, educators and exhibitors - participated in OCENET’s inaugural International Education Info-Fair.
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OCDSB International Certificate Program is growing
On June 19, The OCDSB International Certificate was awarded to students from local high schools who successfully completed the requirements of the program.
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Life as an "International student" in our school
An international student from South Korea who has attended Glashan Public School for the past two years, Jennifer loves being in Grade 8 in her Canadian school


Meet OCENET: Vicente Conte
1. What are some of your main roles at OCENET?
 My main roles at OCENET include attending the front desk, answering inquiries from students and individuals, helping our students complete their visa and study permit applications, ...  
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Woodroffe High School encourages global citizenship
Woodroffe High School is a leader in providing students with opportunities to participate in internationally focussed experiences.
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OCENET Tip Sheet #5:
Engaging Your School in International Education

International education initiatives are directly or indirectly linked to the 4 Key Priority Areas of the 2011-2015 OCDSB Strategy Map, and specifically to the following priority areas:  more >>


European Union Back to School Program visits Riverview Alternative School
During the spring, Diodora Bucar, Press Information Officer from the Political and Public Affairs Section of the EU Delegation to Canada, visited the students of Riverview Alternative teacher Anuka Dey
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Thinking About Becoming A Homestay Host?
Among the many benefids of heing a Homestay host : make a significant difference to the life of a student from another country, ...  more >>

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