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Newsletter Fall/Winter 2016


  Global Connections
the newsletter of the Ottawa-Carleton Education Network
Fall/Winter 2016


Japanese students appreciate one year learning experience at OCDSB
Last January saw the arrival of students from Osaka, Japan, for a yearlong educational excursion to Ottawa. The 23 students attended ... more >>


OCENET staff bursary promotes international experiences
OCENET’s Staff Bursary Program is now in its second year, and 16 OCDSB staff received bursaries in the amount of $500 to $1,000 to assist international learning and PD initiatives...
 more >>


South Korean teachers study at OCENET and OCDSB
South Korean teachers celebrate the completion of four months as part of OIPE’s Teacher Training program with OCENET’s Constantine Ioannou, Program Director, Ottawa International Projects and Exchanges ... more >>


International Education Certificate Program impacts OCDSB students
During International Education Week (Nov. 14-18) a new format for an information night was introduced at the Confederation Education Centre in order to showcase the International Certificate Program (ICP) ... more >>


Educational agents support international students
With contacts around the world, OCENET works with educational agents in over 40 countries to assist international students. . These agents serve important roles in recruiting students, assisting with required documentation, ... more >>


Greenbank MS Grade 8’s prepare for exchange to S. Korea
Students, staff and host families welcomed a group of students from Changwon, South Korea, last autumn, and now 16 students and 2 staff members and the principal from Greenbank Middle School are busy preparing...  more >>


Life as an "International student" in high school

Kamiyu wanted to study abroad and chose Canada because she thinks it is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Initially she was a little homesick, but now feels “at home” in Ottawa. She talks to a family member...


Meet OCENET: Chau Hoang
What are some of your main roles at OCENET?
As school administrator at OCENET’s Young People’s Language School (YPLS), I am primarily responsible for making sure the day-to-day operation of school goes well by registering new students, communicating with teachers, students’ families, host families and agents, as well as planning school activities.  
more >>


OCENET awarded Ontario Ministry of Education grants to support international education initiatives
In 2015 the Ontario Ministry of Education released Ontario`s Strategy for K-12 International Education. This important document is a comprehensive overview that defines what international education encompasses, provides a rationale for Ontario being involved in...  more >>


OCENET Tip Sheet #9:
Study Abroad Opportunities For Students

There are both non-profit and for-profit organizations which arrange Study Abroad experiences for students. These organizations are well established and are very experienced ... more >>


Thinking About Becoming A Homestay Host?
Among the many benefits of being a Homestay host : make a significant difference to the life of a student from another country, ...   more >>

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