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  Global Connections
the newsletter of the Ottawa-Carleton Education Network
Spring 2012


OCENET welcomes students from around the world: COLOMBIA
On a cold and brisk morning in February, Principal Claudia Barrios of Colegio Anglo Canadiense in Neiva, Colombia, made a surprise visit to two students from her school, Sarita and Elibeth, ... Read more >>


Kenyan education officials to visit to the OCDSB
With a newly drafted constitution, the education system in Kenya is undergoing significant and far-reaching changes. Recently, the High Commissioner of Kenya.


Exploring International Partnership Schools
One of the easiest and most effective ways in which students, teachers, and schools can start to reach out internationally and actively engage in global citizenship is to explore a partnership with a school in another country. ... Read more >>


The Nepean High School International Partnership Experience
In 2011, Nepean High School signed a partnership with Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria "Campo de San Alberto" from Noia, Galicia, in northern Spain, ...


Teach Abroad: An OCENET program which gives educators teaching opportunities around the world
During the past few months Greg Duggan, Director of Studies of YPLS, and Ross Laing, International Education Coordinator, attended several teacher recruitment fairs at universities throughout Ontario, including the University of Ottawa and Queens’ University, among others. 



Meet OCENET: YPLS Director of Studies, Greg Duggan

1. What are your roles at OCENET?
GD: I’m the Director of Studies at the Young People’s Language School. (YPLS). I oversee the delivery of curriculum, develop the educational programs, ...


Life as an “international student” at Brookfield High School
Even though the two international students featured in this article may have been studying in Ottawa for very different lengths of time and have come from different countries, ... Read more >>


HOMESTAY update by Jennifer MacKie
Canada Homestay recently hosted two Cultural Cuisine classes at the Westboro Superstore. The event was open to international students, host families and friends to foster the relationships that are so important to our international community. ...


New program encourages students to be global citizens
Starting this September, a pilot project will be initiated in four OCDSB secondary schools which enables students to pursue an OCDSB International Certificate. ...


OCENET and OCDSB “star” in a documentary
In March, a film crew from Korea visited OCDSB schools to interview students, teachers and administrators about ways in which inclusion and diversity are embedded within the culture and curricula of our schools. ... Read more >>


OCENET Tip Sheet #1:
Welcoming international Students to Your School

International students face many challenges upon arriving in Canada to attend an OCDSB school. For these students there are adjustments to new living arrangements with a Homestay family, ... Read more >>


OCENET links to the OCDSB Strategic Plan
International education initiatives are directly or indirectly linked to the 4 Key Priority Areas of the 2011-2015 OCDSB Strategy Map, ... Read more >>

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