OCENET thanks International Education Coordinator Kathy Sigmund-Scheepers


Following six years as the International Education Coordinator, Kathy Sigmund-Scheepers has decided to return to the classroom. She leaves a legacy of significant contributions to international education not only within the OCDSB, but also with her leadership roles in national and international initiatives. Through networking with local schools, she guided the growth of the OCDSB International Certificate Program (ICP) to all of the high schools in the district; more than 450 students are currently enrolled in the ICP. She also was the lead teacher in organizing several major international student exchange programs, including those with Aix-Marseilles in France and with Yamate-Gakuin in Japan. OCENET greatly appreciates her hard work, leadership and dedication to encouraging global citizenship and cultural awareness for students and staff across the OCDSB.


Kathy Sigmund-Scheepers

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